Hair Loss Specialist

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Wearing a wig or weave? We can fix your hair line. Rosie is a cosmetologist with an advanced degree in hair loss. She went to cosmetology school in North Carolina, taught cosmetology for 15 years in her own school, and recently received a hair loss degree.

Our team of expert stylists specializes in natural and special formulation processed hair. When it comes to your hair, our main goal is to help restore it back to health. We stimulate growth and provide the necessary treatments so that your hair is manageable and in excellent condition. Experience it for yourself and tell your friends.

Sickness and medicine can do awful damage to your hair. We specialize in helping people whose hair and scalp has been affected by sickness and medication. If you suffer with thyroid problems, lupus, or any other auto immune disease; it may affect your hair. You may have hair loss or baldness from cancer drugs or chemo therapy. Rosie knows how to fix your hair.

We treat men and women for premature balding, scalp disorders, and folliculitis.

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Hair Extension Services in Northern Virginia

La Roselle’s Hair Care hair extensions are done with special techniques for the protection of your hair and scalp. With your safety always in mind, our hair extensions are worked with strength, but are not too tight for a natural and flowing look. Our hair extension edges always stay inside without irritating your scalp and you won’t lose your hair when the extensions are done.